Michael Malone

Author Michael Malone &#8211 of Foolscap and Justin & Cuddy fame &#8211 picks his favorite pork shop, dotes on Carol Burnett, and explains his night-owl writing process.

Michael Malone is the author of many remarkable books, including our personal favorites, The Justin Savile and Cuddy Mangum Series. Malone's next book,The Last Noel, will be out this November

DOB: The 1940s

Daily writing process: Nine to five. (Nine at night till five in the mornings.)

Occupations in another life: Do you mean wished-for occupations? Trumpet player, defense lawyer. Real other jobs? Waiter, clerk, usher, college professor.

Favorite books: Canterbury Tales, Tom Jones, Great Expectations, Faulkner’s The Hamlet

Best BBQ in North Carolina: Bullocks in Durham. And go to Akai Hana in Carrboro for great literary sushi.

What makes you laugh: Satire and parody: Sid Caesar’s old Show of Shows, Carol Burnett Show, E.F. Benson Lucia novels. But I’ll laugh at any kind of comedy. Screwball, romantic, slapstick, drawing room, juvenile. Anything from Shakespeare and Oscar Wilde to Airplane and Naked Gun.

Character you've written that you're closest to: It’s schizophrenic with me. Cuddy Mangum (he’s ironic and political) and Justin Savile V (he’s nostalgic and romantic).

Heroes : Martin Luther King, Emma Goldman

Charity worth giving to: Southern Poverty Law Center

Five words that sound good: Grace, generous, kindness, bravery, Liberal

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