Neal Pollack

America’s favorite writer Neal Pollack on sandwiches, The Onion, and the world’s inability to ‘top’ him.

DOB: 1 March, 1970

What do you do: I am the author of ‘The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature,’ the first book from McSweeneys Books, and the forthcoming ‘Poetry and Other Poems.’ The Anthology will be published by HarperCollins in March 2002, and will also be a spoken-word album around the same time. No one can top me.

Favorite book: Up In the Old Hotel by Joseph Mitchell and Heed the Thunder by Jim Thompson.

Heroes: In Philly, we call them hoagies. Also, Sammy Sosa, the Incredible Hulk, and possibly Terry Southern.

What makes you laugh: Jiminy Glick, The Onion, tickling.

Charity worth giving to: Partners In Health

Five words that sound good: Fall sale at Kenneth Cole.


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