Rebecca Gates

Musician Rebecca Gates cites Curtis Mayfield as a hero, SCTV as a laugh-fest, and old craft magazines as inspiration.

DOB: 8 April, 1964

What do you do: Play and write music, organize people, consider where to go next.

Favorite Books: So many different shades of favourite … Geronimo Rex, Barry Hannah, any high quality reference book, old craft magazines, So Long See You Tomorrow, William Maxwell.

Heroes: Ah a loaded word in these times. I’d have to say I find my friends quite inspiring…as far as recognizable names, I’d opt for Curtis Mayfield, Anne Bancroft, lady artists. Smart no bullshit humans are pretty ace.

What makes you laugh: The folks I play music with and SCTV.

Charity worth giving to: Check for your local hunger relief or literacy advocacy agencies.

Five words that sound good: Cinnamon, Incorrigible, Sleep, Phosphorescence, Holyshit.

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