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Summer Reading With the Biblioracle

Summer is reading’s high season. But all good books must come to an end, and then what do you do? Have no fear—the Biblioracle is here. Discover your next favorite novel today, from 2-3:00 p.m. ET.

"Be kind to books club," Arlington Gregg, 1940

It’s summer, which means we’re reading, right? That’s what they say about summer: people read. Vacation, I suppose. Free time on the beach or poolside, plane flights and car rides here and there—all good time for reading. Nothing good on television, except Breaking Bad, which is just an hour a week.

We’re also supposed to read differently in the summer—fun reads, fluffier things, page-turners (whatever that means). I’ve been out and about, looking around to see what people are reading, and just like last summer, and the summer before that, it’s The Help. At some point, you’d think everyone would’ve read The Help, but apparently not. It’s everywhere. Same goes for Steig Larson’s Millenium Trilogy.

And Game of Thrones. Lots of people reading Game of Thrones. I haven’t read Game of Thrones. Should I read Game of Thrones? Am I missing something by not reading Game of Thrones?

Should we worry that the most popular books are tied to movies and television? Or should we celebrate the fact that books can become so popular that they cross over to the more broadly popular visual mediums?

Somehow people are still discovering these books, which is a fine and good thing, but I say let’s bring some fresh titles into the conversation. Which is just my way of saying that the Biblioracle is ready to bring it, massive heat-wave style.

You may know the drill, but if not, list the last five books you’ve read in the comments section below, and I shall tell you what book you should read next. Given how many people tend to participate, the comments section will be open for one hour today, Wednesday, July 27, 2011, from 2:00-3:00 p.m., Eastern Time. All free recommendations come with a money-back guarantee. Hosannas and raspberries are equally welcome at

Please note: For now, our comment system does not include threading. This means that if the Biblioracle responds to your comment, he’ll do so by directing his comment @yourusername. If this is your first Biblioracle séance, check out a previous example to see how the game is played. Thank you.


TMN contributing writer John Warner’s first novel, The Funny Man was recently published by Soho Press. He teaches at the College of Charleston and is co-color commentator for The Morning News Tournament of Books. More by John Warner

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