America, America, Burning Bright


The Republican Speaks of Jungles

The presidential election continues to bring forth policy promises and attempts at soul-bearing honesty.

With special thanks to “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes and William Carlos Williams’s “This Is Just to Say”

The Republican Speaks of Jungles

I’ve known jungles:
I’ve known jungles tangled as the House and older than the
     flow of my own blood in my own veins.

My hair has grown grey unlike jungles.

I never bathed in Hanoi; no dawn felt young.
I had no hut to protect me; fatigue forced me to sleep
I looked upon the green and raised my spirits above it.
I heard the chanting of the hippies when Richard Nixon
     went down to Washington, and I’ve seen their muddy
     bosoms turn all golden in the sunset.

I’ve known jungles:
Tangled, aging jungles.

My hair has grown grey unlike jungles.

Clinton’s Campaign Debt Is Tough to Repay

We have squandered
twelve million
that you kindly
loaned us

and which
you were probably
you’d get back

Forgive us
we were ambitious
got beat
so we fold