America, America, Burning Bright


We Not Cruel

Delegates, primaries, ads, and speeches, mean the campaign season is full of chaos and noise. Putting things in order—in iambic tetrameter, that is.

With special thanks to Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for Death” and Gwendolyn Brooks’s “We Real Cool”

Because I could not cede to Loss

Because I could not cede to Loss,
He meanly forced it on me;
The ballot holds another two—
Their immorality.

Although I polled, I tested taste
And I had put away
My money and donations too,
For viability.

You passed on me, although I strove;
Forget recess, I’m Gov;
You passed on Steve Colbert’s campaign,
You passed on loving the Son.

Remember, Chuck Norris;
The dude draws attention, but still—
The only minister, I’m down;
My campaign—it’s through.

Before me is a house that seems
An echoing ghost town;
Loud voices barely audible,
The flagpole pointing down.

Since Kansas, it’s been weeks; and yet
Feels longer than a term
When I realized donkeys’ heads
Point toward eternity.

We Not Cruel

We not cruel. We
Will rule. We

Mask hate. We
Debate. We

Sing spin. We
Thin grin. We

Tycoons. We
Win soon.