Headlines Edition

Saturday Headlines: My foolish notion

Diagrams suggest how extensive Hamas militants' underground passageways under Gaza could be, and how the tunnels are used. / The New York Times [+]

An explainer of what's going on with the multiple investigations into NYC Mayor Eric Adams's campaign fundraising. / The City

"I asked him what he saw; he said he didn't want to talk about it." TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin reports on the veterans rebuilding disaster zones, and themselves. / GQ

Maine has confirmed the personal data of its entire population of 1.3 million people has been stolen in a ransomware attack. / Mashable

UK supermarket chain Booths is removing self-service checkouts from nearly all of its stores, citing issues with produce scanning and alcohol age verification. / BBC News

A breakdown of all the ways the cost of your latte keeps going up, from bean production to barista wages to milk prices. / The Washington Post [+]

Last year, Kate Bush broke the record for the longest gap between number-one UK singles; now the Beatles have broken that same record with their new song. / The Guardian

"It's dreamlike sometimes, a little like the afterlife." An interview with Greg Ackell of the Drop Nineteens, who just released their first new album in 30 years. / Tone Glow

Five songs that prove George Michael was a goth. / Simply Thrilled Honey

See also: When George Michael and Morrissey discussed Joy Division during a television interview. / YouTube

The 16th-century Florentine Codex, an extensive collection of illustrations and text depicting Aztec life, has now been digitized.  / Hyperallergic, Digital Florentine Codex

Last week, an astronaut at the ISS dropped a tool bag during a spacewalk. The bag is in orbit, and you can see it with binoculars. / Space.com