A Crutch or a Cradle

Pony Up, an all-girl group from Montreal, releases a song-in-progress into the wilds of the internet.

Pony Up is an all-girl group from Montreal that released its first album, Make Love to the Judges With Your Eyes, in late 2006. Though the band hasn’t released anything since, it did put a new song-in-progress on its MySpace page, which suggests there may be a new album available soon. The song, “A Crutch or a Cradle,” is very sweet, melodically and thematically. The lyrics try to establish what the true role of a lover—or a friend, as the lyrics seem equally applicable in either case—is or should be, though elements of doubt invariably seep in. Likewise, the music is mostly straightforward with a few subtle electronic glitches thrown in for good measure.

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