Letters From the Editor

A Few Notes

Not much news to report this week, but a few enhancements around the site:

1) If you read Web sites with an RSS News reader, (e.g., NetNewsWire, Amphetadesk), then you may like to try our new RSS 2.0 feeds, now featuring both the Features (complete stories) and Headlines (lots of links) sections.

2) We promise to upgrade our search engine soon. I realize that’s not really an enhancement, but I want it noted in public so I feel compelled to work a little harder.

Also, we’ve had some recent contact with, let’s say, major publications who are looking to hire our writers for things, and I’d like to point out that almost all our writers are always looking for work, so feel free to if you like what you’ve read here and want to pay for more.

And because I have nothing else to note, for now, here are some recommendations based on recent good things in my life, or, that which I’m thankful for:

A cover of David Bowie’s ‘Sound & Vision’ on the new Sea & Cake album One Bedroom, the lobster rolls at Pearl (cookbook out this Spring), Marilyn’s pasta maker arriving out of nowhere in the mail, Dan at Aesthetic Apparatus, Gastronomica, the love of a good woman, Frank at the Bedford Avenue Cheese Shop, Oxxford suits, Dan at Hivelogic (who is available for hire, if you’re looking for a genius & gentlemanly applications & technology man), The Wilder Shores of Gastronomy, Alex & Jessica’s engagement, George Saunders in the New Yorker, vacationing with the parents, Michael Connelly, close to being done with my taxes, Martha Stewart Wedding magazines (and no, that’s not a joke), people who will obviously make good parents, The Bachelorette, the quickly-becoming-semi-monthly-read of Our Man in Havana, my advance copy of the new Chris Lee album (sample MP3 here), and this email from a reader:
Greetings! As a boy my father would take me to visit his froend in a little village which had its own fire and police and very small winding streets bordered by little on story houses facing the streets but each house backed to the sound and was at least four stoies reaching down to the shore in the rear and facing the sound. Is this village still there3? whats its name? Location..oh yes, it had its own mayor. thanks!

I’ll be leaving tomorrow and won’t be back until Tuesday, so emails will go unanswered for a few days. Hope you’re all well.



Rosecrans Baldwin co-founded TMN with publisher Andrew Womack in 1999. His latest book is Everything Now: Lessons From the City-State of Los Angeles. More information can be found at rosecransbaldwin.com. More by Rosecrans Baldwin

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