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A Response From John Warner

I am writing in regards to your article of July 15, 1977, titled “Gender-Bending Grade-Schooler Attracts Notice,” which reported on my emergence as a leading androgynous figure in the fashion world.

I would have written sooner and not allowed the record to stand uncorrected for almost 30 years, but at the time of the incident, I limited my reading to Spider-Man comics and biographies of professional hockey players, not nationally distributed newspapers.

After all this time, I would like to take the opportunity to clear up what I feel are some significant mistakes in the article.

First, your reporter indicates that “the entire bus” was chanting, “Girl! Girl! Girl!” and pointing toward me. My recollection is considerably different. At best, the rear third of the bus was chanting “girl,” 15 to 20 kids, tops.

Second, during my altercation with Benjy Dent you state that I “flailed at Mr. Dent with his puny fists.” Once again, in my memory, I landed my share of solid blows, and in addition to striking him with my hands, I tried to claw his eyes out, an attacking move that is not at all girlish but deeply rooted in some of the Asian continent’s oldest martial arts.

In addition, I would like to reassure Ms. Phyllis Wilcox that I have grown up to be 100 percent heterosexual. I have had sexual intercourse with women, sometimes even multiple times in the same night. My wife is hot looking, and as husband and wife, we also have sex, heterosexual sex.


John Warner

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