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Letters From the Editor

Ad Geek Wanted

We believe that advertising, when it's done well, complements a magazine's contents. It's true: Some ads are beautiful, and some ads are CLICK HERE FOR A FREE IPOD SHUFFLE NOW distracting. Do you know the difference? Are you the type of person who, when you look down at your business card, it says "Ad Rep?" Are you the type of person who has business cards?

Then we would like to talk to you--especially if you're an avid reader of The Morning News. Because that means that you're the type of person who knows what kinds of ads you'd like to see around here, and you may have a very good opinion about the kinds of ads our readers would like to look at. We're thinking mortgage companies and coupons for TGI Friday's, mainly. Do you think that's a bad idea?

Then you should apply for our ad rep position! But just one thing: Candidates should have experience in online ad sales. Please note, also, that there is no base salary available, but you wouldn't want it anyway because the right candidate will earn a very generous commission--so generous it will make you blush.

How to Apply: , and include your resume (please, no attachments). Introduce yourself and tell us what kinds of ads you'd love to see on TMN.

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