Headlines Edition

All your coronaviruses are belong to US(A).

The Supreme Court has ruled Trump isn't immune from the Manhattan DA’s request to obtain the president's tax returns.

Civil rights groups are concerned by potential fallout from the Supreme Court ruling in favor of employers who want to deny birth control coverage for religious or moral reasons.

Pence says the CDC will loosen its school reopening requirements following Trump's criticism of the guidelines as too "tough and expensive."

Thanks to its "soft" approach to COVID-19, Sweden "literally gained nothing," and now has stricter rules than its neighbors.

A group of 239 scientists write an open letter to the WHO saying there's evidence that COVID-19 is airborne.

New research suggests Black Lives Matter protests didn't lead to a jump in coronavirus cases.

Related: Tulsa's health department says the Trump rally "likely contributed" to a new record high in coronavirus cases in the county.

In a ranking of places with the most confirmed new cases of COVID-19, the Sun Belt is now the global virus capital.

There's been a spike in Houston in the number of people dying at home, likely meaning COVID-19 deaths are higher than reported.

Citing health concerns, Houston's mayor cancels the in-person Republican convention that was scheduled to begin next week.

"A downside to giving your cell number to everyone." Kansas City's Black mayor threatened with lynching for requiring masks.

According to an independent audit, by putting free speech ahead of everything else, Facebook has created "significant setbacks for civil rights."

Examples of explicit racism abound in police officer conduct. Superiors often punish officers, but only when cases come to light.

With a shared legacy of racism under the spotlight, Black Lives Matter resonates deeply in Brazil.

Documenting racist crap Black students deal with at elite schools.

After apologizing for using a name associated with slavery, the band Lady Antebellum changed its name to Lady A. Now they've filed a lawsuit against a Black singer who's performed under the name Lady A for decades.

Charts show how many Confederate memorials were erected decades after the Civil War—the biggest surge occurred in the early 1900s.

From 2019, by Ibram X. Kendi: Politicians who overfund defense and law and order, and shortchange science, aren’t keeping us safe.

Nearly a third of US households missed their housing payments in July.

Photos and reports from Florida's Walt Disney World, reopened with temperature checks, sanitizer, and "relaxation stations."

Watch: Japan’s Consul General to the US plays Hendrix's “The Star-Spangled Banner” on the guitar in a salute to frontline workers fighting COVID-19.