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Alternate LOST Endings

For this month's Of Recent Note, rewrite the end of LOST.

It's the water cooler show of the decade, and now that it's over, the world is left with questions--the foremost being, "That's what they came up with?" Whether or not you watched the show, you know about it. You know there's an island. You know there's a smoke monster. Remember the thing with the polar bear? Wow did that blow everyone's mind. For this month's Of Recent Note: Rewrite the end of LOST. Tell us how you would have tied everything up (or not), or summarize how you would have preferred to see it all go down. (And don't hold back just because you didn't watch the finale--or any of the other episodes, for that matter.) Try to keep entries to around 150 words, and send to by end of day, Wednesday, May 26.

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