And We All Drone On

Twelve-string guitar virtuoso James Blackshaw's latest work sets listeners adrift, in the good way.

The music of James Blackshaw, 12-string guitar virtuoso, elegantly drones and is perfect for drifting--in and out of the room, in and out of concentration, between the city, silent trains, and the ocean. "Infinite Circle" is really about these sorts of grand and complete movements. Derek Walmsey of The Wire magazine calls it like so: "His fingerpicking mantras are as melodic as a music box, gliding through dizzying tempos like clockwork...Blackshaw often sounds more like a court harpist than a backwoods strummer."

"Infinite Circle," is one-fifth of Blackshaw's latest album, Litany of Echoes, and the mesmerizing 12-string guitar is perfect. We should expect no more--that's what 10 out of 10s are for. Float onwards, away-wards.

TMN Editor Mike Deri Smith is no gourmet, he just has an abnormally large stomach. He lives in London. More by Mike Deri Smith

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