Animal Collective

Animal Collective is a symbol of hope and inspiration for those yet to grab hold of 2009; dive in, don't hesitate, take the risk. You won't understand their new album yet, but it feels damn interesting.

Animal Collective have a new album and we have a new year. It'll take a while to get to grips with both, so I'm jumping in, spread-eagle, and soaking it up; hesitation and caution are bad resolutions. "My Girls" is all purple lightening, Koyaaniqatsi scenery and soundtrack, magic carpets. It wipes memory of 2008 not with a blinding light, but a haze of glittery samples and drummed thunder. Bubbles of synth burst at the speed of two handclaps as the flesh drips and the metal body is revealed: pulsating, chanting, living. Just don't call Merriweather Post Pavilion your album of 2009. Bide your time. Pounce in late spring. (Not in January when comparisons to Tropicalia seem alien and wrong.)

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