Anyone Else but You

The ultimate love song for the socially awkward gets a much hotter reinterpretation by France's first lady and French Elle's Sexiest Man of 2007.

First lady of France Carla Bruni and Nouvelle Star 2007 winner Julien Doré sang the Moldy Peaches' "Anyone Else But You," a.k.a. the ultimate love song for the socially awkward. Coming from French Elle's Sexiest Man of 2007 and the world's most beautiful first lady, though, it's a lot hotter than when Kimya Dawson and Adam Green first wrote it to strangers passing them by on the street. Most notable about Bruni and Doré's version here, however, is the inclusion of the last verse, the one no other movie or commercial or television show to date has ever allowed you to hear. Mme. Bruni sings it, and as she is fluent in English, you can bet she knows exactly what it means. Do you suppose it makes her think of Président Sarkozy? [via Kimya Dawson's livejounal]
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