Bedhead, Transaction de Novo

At one point I was a fanatic for the lazy, droning sounds of Bedhead, and I went to every show they played. Then one time I saw them and decided that either they were the most boring, pathetic band imaginable or I’d just gotten a whole lot more exciting (right); I never went to another one of their shows. So, by 1998, when they released Transaction De Novo, their final LP, I really didn’t care too much. But this week I found this CD sitting in an unused bookshelf (how appropriate) at my job. I have no idea who it belongs to, but I grabbed it, ripped the MP3s, and replaced the CD to the bookshelf. And ever since then I’ve been listening to this stolen music, this beautiful swansong from the not-very-exciting, but still very wonderful Bedhead, the band that makes the most delicate music, the band that plays in churches.


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