Belly Bombs

Turn up your nose at Dunkin' Donuts and pass on the Krispy Kremes. Since 1953 the Vineyard Foodshop, aka Humphreys, in North Tisbury on Martha's Vineyard has been knocking out batches of addictive Bavarian cream doughnuts so large they're called Belly Bombs. Besides their mutant size, what makes these Herculean treats worth lining up for is an ample filling and, instead of anemic chocolate glaze, nearly an inch of chocolate cake frosting. Wrap your head and mouth around that.

700 State Rd. (508) 693-1079 (closed in winter)

TMN Contributing Writer David Leite has stated a little too emphatically that he is not a food snob. (But we have it on good authority that while other people have moldering hot dog buns and withering mesclun in their fridge, he has been know to harbor lobes of foie gras, exotic mushrooms, and bottles of champagne.) He’s quick to note that he loves plain ole mac and cheese, but he was overseen recently pish-toshing at the waitress until the chef agreed to drizzle it with truffle oil. He’s not above a McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish, though. He’s also the publisher of the James Beard Award-winning website, Leite’s Culinaria, and the author of the upcoming cookbook The New Portuguese Table: Exciting Flavors From Europe’s Western Coast. More by David Leite

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