Letters From the Editor


Yesterday on my way to work I saw a man, possibly in his seventies, helping someone dressed in a full chicken costume out of the back of a van. After the ‘chicken’ was safely removed from the truck, the man looked to this teenager, presumably knowing him, said, ‘See?’ and then punched him – hard – in the shoulder.

This morning when I got on the subway a mother and daughter – the daughter around six years of age – boarded with me. At every stop the girl raised her fists above her head and shouted, ‘Yaaaaayyyyy!’ Each time her mother would say, ‘Not yet.’ When we reached the Union Square stop the girl said nothing. Her mother said, ‘This is where we get off.’ The daughter raised her fists above her head and yelled, ‘Yaaaaayyyyy!’

Andrew Womack is a founding editor of The Morning News. He is always working on the next installment of the Albums of the Year series at TMN. More by Andrew Womack

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