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Now, I may be shooting myself in the proverbial foot with this post, but let’s see. CNN has a five-question interview with Jeff Bridges today, in which he answers questions such as ‘Are we the only life forms in the universe?’ and ‘Do you want your children to become actors?’ Not easy questions for anyone to answer, let alone a busy actor like Mr. Bridges.

Now, we submitted our ‘People We Like’ questions to Mr. Bridges a few months ago as we are all great fans of his and were hoping he would respond. We never heard from him, but we did receive this email from his Webmaster:

Hi. Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you regarding your request. Jeff has looked at the questions and is thinking about them but can’t say when he’ll be able to get back to you – some of them are hard!

1. Jeff Bridges is a physics genius but no match for puzzles like ‘Five Words that Sound Good.’ 2. Jeff Bridges paid a physics genius to answer his CNN questions. 3. Jeff Bridges never read our questions, but his Webmaster is a dolt.
Of course, this ignores option four: Jeff Bridges has read our questions, answered them, and forwarded them to his Webmaster who is right now deleting every little word after being gratuitously insulted by us.

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