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Letters From the Editor

Copy Geek Wanted

The Morning News is seeking a copy editor. This is an unpaid position, but if the willing and able editor lives in New York City, he or she can expect drinks.

Duties will include editing two to three articles a week for spelling, grammar, punctuation, factual accuracy, and style; regular proofreading of the site; and contributing to discussions of style decisions. Work will be supervised by Andrew, Rosecrans, and Kate. Successful applicants will have a minimum of two years' editing experience at a newspaper, magazine, or comparable publication (internship experience may suffice); will be experienced in AP style but able to pick up and apply in-house guidelines; and will find odd enjoyment in taking the below quiz.

Update (8 November 2005): Due to too many applicants, we are no longer accepting applications. Thanks to everyone who has applied!

TMN Copy Editor Quiz

Please edit the following sentences. If you would ask a question of the writer or other editors, please say so.

1. He grew up in Brazil in the 50s and even as a teenager was a force to be reckoned with in the Montevideo music scene.

2. A fantastic explanation of how to find an apartment in New York city, I especially enjoyed its detailed nieghborhood maps and listings of brokers and free-search services.

3. After venturing beyond the front lines to carry Pvt. Brown to safety on his back, Sgt. Evans suddenly found himself being called "Corp Evans".

4. Each of the about 14,000,000 college students in the U.S. printed out 25 pages of notes per five classes in a semester, that ends up being a waste of about 1,750,000,000 pieces of paper a year.

5. Robert Estepp was born in Portland and attended Harvard University, graduating in 1973.

6. After several hours of imbibing, we got home around three and rolled into bed.

7. Every time Sarah tries to take a nap, Evan cries in the other room and wakes her up.

Feeling a little giddy? Think you got them all right? Interested in doing this more often? If so, . Also, please send your resume (no attachments) and say why you'd like to edit for TMN.
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