Cube! Defender of the Polyverse!

Some video games seems ludicrous; CUBE is ludicrous, funny, but probably not real. It forces us to pit video games against the great outdoors. Who will win?

As much as I like video-games, it's always better to be outside. This trailer for video game CUBE offers the technology that "makes calculators look like the cotton gin." It makes a compelling case to avoid the computer, and instead, as I do, try to beat the 50 mph barrier on my racing bike. It's worth thinking whether video games are broken; CUBE tries to do this.

You are now CUBE, Defender of the polyverse! Collect the diamonds & reach the goal! Every goal leads to another color level... the fun cannot be halted.

Games are fun, but this video may be their essence boiled right down.

This review of Outside from a gamer's perspective notes, "Outside is remarkably high in sex, violence and challenges to traditional values, despite the strong child-focused marketing it receives," but ultimately, "Outside is overrated, and many gamers will find themselves forced by friends and family to play it against their will, but it still deserves a high rating." Yes, it's of a coherent and critical review of the world--something philosophers have been struggling to do for millennia; it's the sort of perspective that's only possible after months of immersion in a fantasy world.

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