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Cynthia “Heesun” Lee

Cynthia “Heesun” Lee

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Currently residing in: Staten Island, N.Y.

Occupation: I currently work at a shipping company, but I’m planning on doing music fulltime soon.

When did you start writing poetry? When I was 13.

You identify as “Christian Rap” (among other genres) on your MySpace page. How does your identity as Christian influence your rhymes? Being Christian influences how I rhyme, in that I always make sure that whatever I’m writing has a positive message. I don’t always have to be saying “Jesus” in my rhymes, but I will always make sure I’m giving people a sense of hope and encouragement.

What else inspires your work? Life. Just our daily routines. I can be driving my car somewhere and just think of a song to write based off what I’m seeing around me. It’s also thinking of those who do NOT have a voice in society. I want to make sure they’re being heard and prayed for.

What have you been listening to? I only listen to gospel rap, spoken word, and conscious rap songs. There’s got to be meaning in it for me to listen.

What did you do for Easter? I spent it with family. Relaxed and had a good time.

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