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It's the 2023 Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes! Yay! It’s time to Rooster!

Letters From the Editor

Deckity Deck Deck Deck

Our main priority at TMN has always been to provide excellent stories: funny stories, sharp stories, stories you don't read anywhere else, and all with tighter editing than Ron Perelman's divorce papers. Falling a very distant second is our hunt for advertising--we're writers and editors, not ad guys, full stop. We've tried lots of ad networks, experimented with Google's system, and sold spots ourselves, the whole time wishing we could find something that would just "fit" with TMN. Now for something new. We're very excited to announce that TMN has joined A List Apart, 37signals, Daring Fireball,, and Coudal Partners as part of The Deck, a targeted ad network for creative pros. The Deck's ads will start popping up around TMN on April 1st, and they'll be the only ads you see. Contact The Deck if you're interested in buying some space (limited advertising opportunites are currently available April through July). Now, back to the Rooster...
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