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Delhomme du Moment

A book from the rebel illustrator, who lately has enjoyed commercial success.

Book Cover The Cultivated Life (Rizzoli), a delightful anthology written and illustrated by Jean-Philippe Delhomme, is a thin tome containing more than 100 of the ubiquitous French illustrator's works. As is the case with many visual artists co-opted by various luxury brands, you will no doubt recognize the style and images that have hawked cars and boutiques.

Interview magazine featured Delhomme this spring: Glenn O'Brien (who hired him for a well-regarded advertising campaign for Barneys) offers up a quickie interview snapshot of the iconoclastic artist. The Cultivated Life is a razor-sharp dissection of the vicissitudes of a life surrounded by designer and brand names, with an illuminating essay thrown in here and there. You can see his recent work for the Mark Hotel and other amusements at his fun-filled web site.
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