Demons in the Spring

Joe Meno anthologizes a collection of short stories--illustrated and designed by some very popular names in the industry--with a part of the proceeds going to Dave Eggers's writing workshop.

A handsome volume by Columbia College (Chicago) mentor and Nelson Algren-award-winning writer Joe Meno (Hairstyles of the Damned), Demons in the Spring (Akashic Books) anthologizes 20 pieces of short fiction, some never previously published and each illustrated by artists, including Charles Burns, Ivan Brunetti, Archer Prewitt, Jay Ryan, and Cody Hudson, who also helped design this book. It is quite possible you are not familiar with Joe Meno—his being from Chicago and all (as was the great Nelson Algren)—this notice is a correction for that appalling gap in your cultural awareness. Here Joe speaks about and reads from his upcoming (May 2009) novel, The Great Perhaps.

Also of note: A portion of the book’s proceeds will go to benefit 826 Chicago, a non-profit tutoring center and part of Dave Eggers’s national conspiracy to teach American kids to write.
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