Letters From the Editor

Diary, Pictures of Fair Food

1. We visited friends this weekend in New Jersey. They had insisted we try ‘Fair Food,’ so, in all fairness, we tried all that we could afford. Not shown but also consumed: chicken on a stick, waffle ice cream sandwich, ‘maui punch’ made from goat milk. For more on Fair Food, see John Markus’s back page story in the new Gastronomica for analysis of the deep satisfaction in a deep-fried twinkie. After gorging, we looked for a bar in the country then decided, since it was raining and we had an hour’s drive back to Jersey City, to wait for dinner; we learned that Marco & Pepe alone is worth the price of the Path Train.

2. The Summer Publishing Schedule (publishing stories when we can, but not everyday) is almost over. Lots of new things are being planned for Labor Day. Thanks for sticking by us in the heat.

Photos from the Sussex County Fair

half a corn dog

elephant ear

ribbon fries, with bacon bits, cheese, salt, jalapenos

funnel cake

milk-soaked veal sausage sandwich, with onions, ketchup

roasted corn

prize-winning plants, on the last day of the fair

spend all your money on food, no money left for horse


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