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Dutch Treat

Television has two fine new shows--and you've heard of Treme. What about Justified?

Book Cover If you are not an accidental reader of this whatchamacallit then you are the type of person who is well aware of the new HBO series Treme (which you probably also know, after airing only two episodes, has been renewed for a second season).

The attention paid to creator David Simon and his able-bodied filmmakers is certainly warranted, but I do wonder why the new Elmore “Dutch” Leonard-based FX series Justified is not getting similar treatment (unless a misguided review represents a consensus).

Based on half a dozen episodes, I am as impressed with the production values, writing, theme song (by T.O.N.E.Z) casting, and acting in evidence as I was initially by The Wire (which has to do, I think, with the fact that both series are riffs on crime). Producer/writer Graham Yost and his team have done a fine job of honoring a solid Leonard character, Kentucky-born and raised Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant), and surrounding him with other credible characters who can declaim the brisk Leonardian dialogue effortlessly (which is a feat as it takes skill to lift it off the page).

Here’s hoping this show has a longer life than previous Elmore Leonard-based shows (Maximum Bob and Karen Sisco).
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