Entertainment Hierarchy

Keeping in mind that not every novelization of a music video is better than the original, some songs are better in and of themselves than whatever musical theater version the Parenthetical Girls seem to be suggesting.

The dimensional hierarchy of artistic mediums usually goes like this: Written Word < Music < Video < Music Video < Opera < Virtual Reality. Too often this is mistaken for a hierachy of quality, where movies are always better than books, music videos are always better than novelizations of music videos, and adding a new dimension to anything always makes it better. If you liked Lost the TV Show, you're sure to like Lost the Musical. This sort of logic would lead you to believe that the greatest movie of all time was either MTV's version of Romeo and Juliet or a Second Life virtual-dance party. In a way this entertainment hierarchy is a parallel of the Geek Hierarchy. Together they would meet at the apex of geek entertainment in an interactive, erotic, furrie space opera.

Certain things might be best left in their original medium, like a Parenthetical Girls song which sounds like it's already blocked out for a live action musical interpretation, but in reality it's already at the perfection of its form in its original state. You could architect a plot around the lyrics to "Four Words," with actors, mimes, puppets, and a kick-line animating the movements before a live orchestra. It would be a lot of work and hell to choreograph. By the time you get the ballet dancers to make sure they're not upstaged by the rodeo clowns, the dancing elephants have gotten antsy and wandered offstage. It could be brilliant if the fireworks are timed properly, but as a fallback, the audio in and of itself has all of the necessary animation self-contained.
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