What I Drink

Explaining My Alertness

Right now I am drinking Nespresso. A cup—a very little cup—of the Dulsão de Brasil, currently my favorite variety. And I am about to make some more Nespresso.

I’m finding it’s the rare coffee person who knows what I’m talking about when I say I drink Nespresso. Sometimes, they’ll think I said “espresso,” and when I correct them—“you know, it comes in these little pods…”—they most frequently think I mean General Foods International Delightful Moments Coffee Beverage:

It’s true that Nespresso creates a similar sense of euphoria, but it’s not that stuff. It’s not instant, I tell people, it has a special machine.

At this point they usually think I’m talking about the Keurig pod system, but no, I tell them, it’s European, and you have to order the pods—no, capsules—from the website, which is really European. Parlez vous Nespresso? This is usually the point when I tear off my blood pressure cuff and go make more Nespresso.

I haven’t tried Sanka and I’m in no hurry to make my kitchen smell like a parish hall. In fact, no commercial has made any beverage seem less alluring than that Sanka spot. Who can you depend on to offer something more soothing? More virile, even?

Ah, there we go. Now I am going to make a cup of Inrdiya, which soon may be my new favorite variety. I am feeling very alert.


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