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Feats of Strength

As many of you must already know, Rosecrans is getting married soon. So soon, in fact, that his bachelor party was last night. Though we avoided getting a woman to jump out of a cake (Paul Ford and I discussed the unappetizing ramifications of forgetting to take her out before you baked it), or any of the other typical bachelor-party novelties, we did have games. Jumbles, in fact, composed by yours truly and based off the kind you find in the paper. I figured he’d have a more difficult time of it than he did, and I only had to reference the answers a couple of times. (Paul noted that ‘vernal’ was a pretty difficult one. There were also grumbles over ‘porcine,’ but hey: I needed the letters.) The answer to each Jumble is the name of a bar in Williamsburg, and each answer directed us to our next destination in a bar crawl that ended with us meeting up with Rosecrans’s fiancée and her bachelorette party (which didn’t have Jumbles – ha!), at which point dancing started happening right away.

Here are the puzzles, in case you’d like to try your hand at them:


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