Feeling for Iceland

Iceland is having a tough time at the moment. With a little experimental music--though nothing post rock--the bubbling pop and folk sounds of Sin Fang Bous remind us of Iceland's ability to charm, hypnotize.

I feel for Iceland. They've got supermarket flags flying over their parliament, they've spent way too much money. It's economic meltdown for real. You wouldn't blame them hibernating til spring, emerging with hope that the glacial movements of recession have retreated back up the mountain. Compatriots Sigur Ros and Bjork are good for soundtracking the crash of waves, ships sinking, and bank-Execs being fed to the fishes. But Sin Fang Bous's "Sinkership," sounds more like forgotten dreams, electro-poptimism, and collective folk-choices to renew. It's reflected through the crowds, the haze, the innovation, and second-hand machinery of this sweet song, a side project to band Seabear.

Dear Iceland, I would like to visit. I don't know where your musicians begin, but I would like to see it. You should listen to this record through the winter, the album will emerge from its chrysalis, fully formed, next spring. Get it now from that popular online music store if they are still accepting your currency.

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