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Though bandleader Dave Longstreth seems to be trying to fade into the background, the Dirty Projectors' original sound still bears his stamp of characteristic weirdness on their new album, Bitte Orca, leaked online late last week.

The Dirty Projectors sound weird. Not weird like never letting your children celebrate their birthday, or like an extensive collection of Beanie Babies. The Dirty Projectors are weird like people who refold their napkins when getting up from the table, if only for a bathroom break, or like a bunch of guys who grows mustaches together, or David Byrne. Fitting then, that the Dave Longstreth-led revolving cast of a band recorded a song with Mr. Byrne earlier this year for the Dark Was the Night charity compilation.

Late last week, a new Projectors album (Bitte Orca, which I believe is German for "please kill a whale") was leaked on the internet. The band's label, Domino Records, is doing a bit of damage control by going ahead and releasing the track "Stillness Is the Move" on their site. The music on this new album is somewhat of a departure from their last, 2007's Rise Above, but that's to be expected considering that it was a cover of Black Flag's Damaged entirely from memory. Practically everything is a departure for these guys, which is refreshing. On the single, singers Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian seem to take a more central role in the proceedings, but Longstreth's mashed up, herky jerky songwriting makes it all possible. His guitar sounds kinda weird, too.

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