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The Coffee Table

For Children of All Ages

No relation to the DeLillo novel, a delightfully abstract pop-up book is rendered with great skill and verve.

Book Cover As the father of an 11-year-old boy, I am ever vigilant for books and other reading materials with which to influence him. Thus, I find my way into areas of the book world that are slightly off-track for me. Which is how I chanced to discover illustrator/author David A. Carter's White Noise: A Pop-up Book for Children of All Ages (Simon & Schuster).

The fifth in a series, the new work is preceded by One Red Dot, Blue 2, 600 Black Spots, and Yellow Square. It features nine spreads of pop-ups with engaging and elegant paper engineering of vividly colorful quasi-origami sculptures. It's a delightful experience, from the cover's white embossed starburst on a red background to the final spread, which is accompanied by the text, "Sierra Nevada chopsticks and a squeaky white noise."

See what you can do with that.
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