Headlines edition

Friday headline: Ooh, baby baby.

Secretary of State Pompeo visits North Korea to talk denuclearization. Kim Jong Un’s program is still going strong.

Mueller begins to outsource his widening investigation, with surprising court fights tying up resources.

Alan Dershowitz likens party chatter around Martha's Vineyard this summer to McCarthyism in the 1950s.

Many spots this week in the Northern Hemisphere have witnessed their hottest weather ever recorded.

Independence Day and the day after consistently have some of the worst air quality of the year.

See also: How fireworks get their color.

A testy defense of the American Revolution.

President Trump spent last summer and fall discussing a potential invasion of Venezuela.

An “angry baby” version of Trump will fly over Parliament during the President’s visit to London.

An oral history of the Purge franchise's success, including many eerie parallels with the rise of Trump.

When you realize what Trump’s vast popularity means: that you don’t like other Americans anymore.

An argument for why "The Great Migration" probably should be called "The Great Massive Forced Exodus."

Products that most distinguish whether or not you’re a white American.

This week’s white paper: “Single-dose testosterone administration increases men’s preference for status goods.

A guide to good English-language newsletters and podcasts about life in China.

An east-side Canadian encounters linguistic bafflement as he moves west.

Psychologists say the advice to “find your passion” leads to a passive process; a "growth mindset" is more rewarding.

There’s no evidence behind the widely-circulated claim that Buckminster Fuller designed the modern soccer ball.

Lovely portraits drawn by Brooklyn-based artist Mackenzie Hyde.