Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: $2.64 an hour.

Thousands turn out in Los Angeles for Nipsey Hussle's funeral procession.

After four months of protests, Sudan's President al-Bashir has finally been arrested, only to be replaced by his defense minister, who is accused of carrying out war crimes in Darfur.

Ohio's governor has signed a bill making abortion illegal after the moment a heartbeat has been detected, which often happens before many women know they are pregnant.

The Pentagon announces it has awarded $1 billion in border wall construction contracts.

Related: With 800,000 pending court cases, each of which takes an average of 700 days to process, the US immigration system has reached a breaking point, and Trump's withdrawal of aid to Central America will only exacerbate the problem.

The White House, seeking to retaliate against Trump's critics, reportedly wanted to bus detained immigrants from the border and release them onto the streets of "small- and mid-sized sanctuary cities."

Trump's grudge against Puerto Rico has resulted in a stalemate in Congress over disaster aid, which is desperately needed in multiple states hit by flooding and wildfires.

Louisiana authorities have identified a suspect, the son of a local sheriff's deputy, in the arson fires at three historically black churches.

The price of my insulin nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016, with average costs per patient rising to nearly $6,000 a year. I definitely never thought that in 2019 there would be people who would die from lack of access. Maris Kreizman, who has Type 1 diabetes, on why she won’t discard the expired insulin in her refrigerator.

Assessing the ecological impact of music streaming: Comparatively, vinyl and cassettes produced far less greenhouse gases.

The coming US retirement crisis could send millions into poverty. Employers could solve it for $2.64 an hour per employee.

An interactive explanation of the Fourier Transform, a mathematical tool that can split anything into its frequencies, and that was used to process the first-ever image of a black hole.

We know Greta is going to die, although we haven’t allowed the thought into our conscious minds yet. We glance around us, realizing this is the last we’ll ever see of the world as we’ve known it. Jayson Greene on love and grief following the sudden death of his two-year-old.

To avert climate catastrophe, a child born in 2017 will need a carbon footprint an eighth the size of someone born in 1950.

The current state of classroom surveillance includes behavior tracking and threat-detection software that scans student writing.

The EU's terrorist content takedown system falsely identifies 550 URLs at the Internet Archive as terrorist propaganda.

How white supremacists target and recruit subsets of gamers who are likely to sympathize with a platform of discontent.

A consultant ruined Maslow's hierarchy of needs, making it a pyramid that eschewed egalitarianism in favor of a social hierarchy.

How algorithms can predict the text you'll type next.

Beverly Cleary turns 103 today. How her harsh childhood, as told in her 1988 memoir, influenced Ramona, of whom Cleary has said, "It's not that she's naughty. It’s that things just didn’t work out the way she thought they should."

Photos by Yoko Ishii in Nara, the ancient capital of Japan, where deer are sacred, and travel the city undisturbed.

A flowchart answers whether you should use TurboTax to file your taxes.