Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: A big, beautiful dossier.

Making landfall early yesterday morning, Hurricane Laura pummeled parts of Louisiana, leaving six people dead. / CNN

Japan's Shinzo Abe, the country's longest serving prime minister, is resigning due to poor health. / Reuters

Trump's speech last night at the Republican National Convention echoed the speech he gave four years ago at the RNC: America is broken, and only he can fix it. What went unsaid: Much remains unfixed four years later. / BuzzFeed News

More than 3,600 Americans died of COVID-19 during the RNC. / The Week

Budget cuts, neglect, and politicization are why the US is so far behind other nations in real-time gathering of COVID-19 data. / Nature

David Fahrenthold details how taxpayers have ended up paying Trump's businesses more than $900,000 since the president took office. / The Washington Post

The White House responds to the story by saying it's building a "very large" dossier on Fahrenthold. / CNN

Jacob Blake's father visited him in the hospital on Wednesday, and says his son is handcuffed to the bed. / Chicago Sun-Times

"The fact that you have to signify that a black person is unarmed is problematic." Why the phrase "unarmed black man" is harmful. / Poynter

Not long before Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two people in Wisconsin, cops told him how much they appreciated his presence. / The Journal Times

Tucker Carlson justifies Rittenhouse's alleged murder of two people in Kenosha as "maintaining order." / The Guardian

Related: As with his past inflammatory statements, Carlson won't face any fallout this time around. He's simply worth too much money to Fox News. / CNN

"A world where...murder and rape are taken so seriously that we do all we can to prevent either from happening in the first place." What we talk about when we talk about defunding the police. / Vanity Fair

Your weekly white paper: "Hip-hop, cop voice, and the cadence of white supremacy in the United States." / Journal of Interdisciplinary Voice Studies

Reversing decades of anti-inflationary policy, the Fed adopts average inflation targeting and a mandate to seek full employment. / Reuters

Players of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator—which streams real-time mapping data—have been flying into Hurricane Laura. / The Verge

"There’s no place to hide." How "megaconstellations" of satellite networks will disrupt night-sky viewing. / Nature

From 1971 to 1998, John Shepherd broadcasted instrumental music—great stuff, really—in hopes of making interstellar contact. / Pitchfork

A graph of Bob Dylan's vocal range over time. / Reddit

"There is no such thing as cheap food—there is a consequence." On illogically inexpensive supermarket rotisserie chickens. / Taste

The Warsaw Zoo will administer CBD to three of its African elephants, in hopes of reducing their stress levels. / The Guardian

Photos of residents inside South Korea's tiny rented rooms. / Bright Side

Digitized IKEA catalogs from 1950 to 2020. / IKEA Museum