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Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: A day for orcs and goblins.

The US has had more than 1 million jobless claims a week for 14 straight weeks. Millions face an “income cliff” if their CARES Act support ends in July.

Across the United States, 39,327 new coronavirus infections were on Thursday, topping the previous single-day record of 38,115, which was set on Wednesday.

Younger people make up a growing percentage of new coronavirus cases.

The CDC says nearly 25 million Americans may have contracted the coronavirus—10 times higher than the number of confirmed cases.

"How the Virus Won," a damning analysis of the United States' failure to tackle the coronavirus, likely killing tens of thousands.

Sean Hannity asks Trump what his priorities would be for a second term. Trump tells Hannity: nothing. The whole exchange felt less like propaganda, more like palliative care.

The true story of Kentucky’s vote yesterday was a sacrifice in voting sites “for a robust vote-by-mail program that allowed anyone to vote absentee from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

See also: A round-up of lessons for Kentucky and other states.

After Tuesday’s primaries, two openly gay black men are probably headed to Congress.

Seventy Black photographers offer prints for $100 with proceeds benefiting Black Lives Matter.

NASA names its DC headquarters after Mary W. Jackson, its first African American female engineer.

A professional softball squad quits en masse, Olympians included, after the owners brag to Trump about their players standing for the flag.

Dungeons and Dragons' next update will no longer default any race to "evil," as orcs, goblins and drow are now.

Children neglected in Ceasescu’s miserable orphanages are now old enough that psychologists can study what it did to their brains.

Excerpt from a Buddhist monk’s travel journal from 1223, walking from Kyoto to Kamakura and back.

Story of a bikepacking expedition across what remains of America's Great Plains.

Given recent news, it's good to remember: the trouble with counting alien societies is our reliance on Earth-based assumptions.

In case you missed it, Camp ToB—the summer version of the Tournament of Books—is discussing the end of Sharks in the Time of Saviors this week and voting for June’s “winner”.