Headlines edition

Friday headlines: A quest called bribe.

The latest in impeachment news: Giuliani has “insurance,” Pelosi sees “bribery,” and Marie Yovanovitch returns.

Giuliani may soon be indicted on campaign finance violations and/or a failure to register as a foreign agent.

Can Republicans afford to be pro-immigrant? Only if they make peace with socialized medicine and other liberal economic policies.

See also: Traces of China in photos of the American West.

Long-running protests continue, often violently, in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Chile, Bolivia, Iraq, and Algeria.

A real life American horror story emerges in oral histories from Alabam’s prison system.

Nearly twice as many people are dying from drug-resistant infections in the United States than previously thought.

A lengthy explanation of how illegal drugs are bought in the UK, from dark web shops like Dream Market to "county lines networks."

Photographs by Mike Goldwater of the London Underground in the 1970s.

Rod Stewart shows Railway Modeller magazine the massive model of a US city that he's built over 23 years.

To know George Frideric Handel better, a musicologist pored through his bank records.

Coming soon, alongside Apple's credit card and Facebook's cryptocurrency: a Google checking account.

Quantum teleportation isn't about teleporting complex objects, like humans—it's about teleporting elementary quantum systems.

Gannett's merge with GateHouse will create one mega-publisher with plans to cut jobs across its holdings (one in six US newspapers).

Well, that escalated quickly: Data on the rise of "OK boomer."

See also: A curator boyfriend is the hottest accessory for 2020.

"The maps in the collection aren’t necessarily meant to be useful." Interview with the founder of the Hand Drawn Map Association.

Two maps about the quality of American restaurants.

Ignore the outdoor purists: Using technology during a hike doesn't automatically diminish your experience or theirs.