AI-generated photos of Donald Trump getting arrested garner five million views, especially after Trump shares one himself. / Quartz

A rundown of the ongoing criminal investigations faced by Trump. / NPR

Russia gifts fertilizer to Malawi in hope for support of its Ukraine invasion. Meanwhile, Uganda passes one of Africa's harshest homophobic legislation. / Mail & Guardian, African Arguments

Unrelated: "I realized I had fallen into a well-worn pattern—a white European male traveling to Africa to prove his masculinity." / Africa Is a Country

Bicycle riding in Portland, Ore., has dropped back to levels not seen since 2006. / BikePortland

Lynell George: Nature is causing Los Angeles to shape-shift. / The Sierra Club

Tuberculosis cases are nearly back to pre-pandemic levels. / STAT

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A long article on being a Premier League referee. "It's like, 'what are you doing?" / The Guardian 

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The author of Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow admits to lifting a female game designer's work without attribution. / Twitter

The most-assigned films in university classes are Man With a Movie Camera, Do the Right Thing, and Citizen Kane. / Public Books

Linguists are developing the Oxford Dictionary of African American English. "There's a debate about whether or not the enslavers knew they were being mocked." / The New Yorker