Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: All along 4th Avenue / crossing the fence / buses passing through.

Impeachment proceedings officially started yesterday in the Senate, with the trial set to begin next week.

The Government Accountability Office has concluded that the White House broke the law when it withheld aid to Ukraine.

This week, Virginia became the final state necessary to ratify the ERA, though legal battles remain in reviving the original legislation.

With a potential purge of federal disability beneficiaries in the works, Trump may follow Reagan in making a damaging mistake.

"Then 1994 arrived. It was even hotter than '93." For median-age Americans, it's been a lifetime of global warming.

Researchers have found signs that conditions arising from mutations in donors' stem cells may be passed on to recipients.

New advances in neurobiology could help explain the role of stress pathways in suicidal behavior.

Intended to curtail misinformation, Instagram's new digital manipulation detection is also hiding digitally enhanced art.

Thirty-seven artists send a letter to MoMA asking it to divest from "sources of funding that profit from the suffering of others."

Another consequence of the wealth gap: Compared to the poor, the rich enjoy an extra decade of good health.

“Growing up, if there was one thing our household lacked, besides communication skills, it was business savvy.” A usually stoic family finds a new way to talk more—by using a personal finance app to observe each other’s cash flow.

A writer's self-conducted experiment in reducing screen time: "It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done."

"To be with a pessimist is to know that you are with a pessimist. But you can be with a nihilist and have no idea."

A plot with music samples lets you experience the 13 dimensions of emotions music may evoke.

"Your group isn’t there any more. You're not in the couples' dinner party or playdate scene." On weekend loneliness.

An interactive map generates haiku poems as you move around the NYC metro area.

Amazing, large-scale geometric designs made in snow—on foot—by cartographer Simon Beck.

Steve Martin Caro, lead singer of the Left Banke, best known for their 1966 hit "Walk Away Renee," has died at 71.

Everyday scenes painted with strong, precise lines reminiscent of architectural drawings, by Heath West.