Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: All day I dream about socks.

Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to review the classified material found at Biden's Delaware home. / NBC News

A timeline of the Biden documents case. / The New York Times

Before drawing too many parallels between Biden and Trump's document handling, remember the latter resisted official requests to return the files. / BuzzFeed News

Charts explaining why US inflation has slowed for a sixth straight month. / Vox

The US cancer death rate has fallen by a third since 1991 due to better treatments and detection—and less smoking. / CNN

New research shows how—as far back as 1977—Exxon Mobil's scientific research was astonishingly accurate in predicting climate change. / Associated Press, Science

Why America's gender pay gap still hasn't closed—it's a continued manifestation of the motherhood penalty. / Quartz

This week, researchers confirmed the first exoplanet identified by the JWST. / The European Space Agency

See also: The JWST is finding too many early galaxies. / Sky & Telescope

"What to do now, if you have people coming over and want to shell out a medium amount for a very medium cracker?" A eulogy for Stoned Wheat Thins. / Slate

An argument for why schools should teach with ChatGPT, rather than ban it—which probably wouldn't work anyway. / The New York Times

After a decades-long battle, John Fogerty has regained a majority interest in his Creedence Clearwater Revival publishing rights. / Billboard

Adidas loses its case against designer Thomas Browne over his four-stripe design motif—which he also displayed on the socks he wore to court. / The Guardian

"How do you get in the mind of Elon Musk? Or, more specifically, the mind he wishes to inhabit?" On almost becoming Elon Musk's Twitter voice. / Defector

A profile of the Ganz sisters, the identical-twin entrepreneurs who dominate the multiples industry, including everything from casting services to medical studies. / The Hustle