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Friday Headlines: All I want for Christmas is all I want for Christmas is you.

Yesterday at the UN, four of the five largest recipients of US financial aid defied Trump's threat to cut their benefits, and voted against recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Compared to last year, the total number of ACA signups was down by just 4%, despite cuts in advertising and an enrollment period that was half as long.

Following an electoral victory for Catalonia’s separatists, the region’s exiled leader wants talks with Spain.

Memphis was denied removal of Confederate statues at a park. The city sold the park, and the new owner removed them.

For the second year in a raw, US life expectancy drops due to drug overdoses.

A half-dozen tax attorneys, professors, and former congressional tax drafters told The Washington Post that Trump would undoubtedly benefit from the legislation. Any financial hits Trump personally takes under the new tax plan will be far outweighed by his business profits.

Top US employers have been placing recruitment ads on Facebook—and discriminating against certain age groups.

Facebook has discontinued its fake news icon, which it found actually "entrenched deeply held beliefs."

Shady contractors are targeting homeowners, offering green renovation loans that seem government-backed, but aren't.

The only times the song’s first verse uses the G-major chord is at the very beginning and the very end... As listeners, we won’t feel relaxed until we hear the song return to that “home” chord. The structure of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” is engineered so you listen to the entire song.

Video: In 1970, the second version of The Yule Log started airing on New York’s WPIX after the original version, filmed at Gracie Mansion in 1966, began to deteriorate.

Before consumerism whitewashed Christmas, it was a bawdy, boozy affair with drunken demands for figgy pudding.

Art historian tracks down Monet's "Effet de Brouillard," missing since 1895, through a Google image search.

The biggest news events of 2017, as seen from space.