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Friday headlines: Anymore wants to work nobody

China plans to announce an easing of its Covid quarantine protocols and a reduction in mass testing. / Reuters

Helen Branswell: Hong Kong's zero Covid policy, in the face of Omicron, led to half the population getting infected within two months. / STAT

Unrelated: A Buddhist temple in Thailand goes empty after the entire monastery was found to have been using meth. / SF Gate

Thoughts from a Cold War historian on why protests are breaking out in China and Iran but not in Russia. / Twitter

A "cash in the sofa" scandal may bring down South Africa's president. / BBC News

Interstate war is potentially brewing in the eastern DRC. / Africa Is a Country

A leaked memo shows Canada trying to water down regulations on deforestation-free trade. / The Guardian

Tesla delivers its first electric semis to PepsiCo. / The Associated Press

Whaling logs from the 18th and 19th centuries are helping today's scientists fill gaps in climate knowledge. / Grist

See also: A history of the phrase "nobody wants to work anymore" being cited in the media (back to 1894). / Snopes

For every academic employee at Harvard there are approximately 1.45 administrators. / The Crimson

Considering AI's prowess in writing, educators are now administering the Turing test in reverse: What are questions that only humans can answer well? / The Hedgehog Review

Hannah Walhout: Proust's teacake was just a literary device, but he knew enough about food to make it true. / Electric Literature

"She made a fuss. She was enthusiastic about life itself." Remembering Aline Kominsky-Crumb. / Artforum