Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: April.

Biden says the US will have enough doses by July to inoculate 300 million Americans. / Associated Press

Fauci: In April, "virtually everybody and anybody, in any category, could start to get vaccinated." / People

About 40% of America's coronavirus deaths could have been prevented, says a new report, faulting the combination of Trump's inept response and decades of health inequities. / USA Today

See also: Biden is moving to revoke the Trump policy that allowed states to mandate that people work or volunteer in order to enroll in Medicaid. / POLITICO

Trump was sicker with Covid than was publicly acknowledged, with the presence of lung infiltrates and a blood oxygen level that dipped into the 80s. / The New York Times

House Democrats concluded their impeachment case against Trump yesterday, arguing that not convicting will open the door to Trump inciting future attacks. / The Washington Post

Biden rescinds Trump's emergency order that was used to justify the border wall, and says no more taxpayer dollars will go toward the wall. / The Hill

In another policy reversal from Biden, immigrants forced to stay in Mexico—often in dangerous camps—will soon be allowed back into the US to await their asylum court dates. / BuzzFeed News

This is horrifying, and important: A brief history of anti-Asian violence and xenophobia in the United States. / Twitter

As Facebook announced its vaccine misinformation ban, news emerged that it had failed to stop another "Plandemic"-style video from going viral. / VICE

Some police officers are playing popular music while being recorded, possibly in an attempt to trigger platforms' copyright filters. / VICE

Smaller manufacturers of N95s could fill the gaps in demand left by 3M and Honeywell, but need government help to do so. / The New York Times

Legendary jazz keyboardist Chick Corea dies at 79. Listen to this astounding live performance of "Clia." / Glide Magazine, Spotify

To combat the climate crisis, Biden must rebuild the EPA, which was decimated and traumatized under Trump. / BuzzFeed News

The White House is backing off Trump's war on TikTok, and appears to be dropping the previous administration's case entirely. / NPR

"They hired 150 people from the community." How a supermarket opening in a food desert can transform a neighborhood. / BuzzFeed News

Early US airmail relied on an extraordinary network of terrestrial landmarks, including towers, beacons, and giant arrows. / Places

This is fascinating: Measuring the differences between studio and live recordings of songs. / The Pudding

"Where Slimer was joy, Muncher is depression." The upcoming Ghostbusters reboot includes another era-appropriate ghost sidekick. / Jacobin

For cyberpunk to progress, it must drop the Asian xenophobia that has dominated the genre since the beginning. / Input

"What would the modern version of a culturally accepted, nervous-breakdown-precipitated time-out look like?" / The Atlantic

Currently obsessed with this song: "Diazepam" by Buke & Gase and Sō Percussion. / The Morning News

Hand-carved sculptures by José Manuel Castro López are more plant or animal than mineral. / IGNANT

This is the sound of an 18,000-year-old conch shell. / The Morning News

Watch: Snowflakes melting in reverse. / The Morning News