Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: As it is when it was.

Federal prosecutors say there was a "leadership meeting" among right-wing extremists in the days leading up to Jan. 6. / BuzzFeed News

See also: "All your 1/6 Commission questions, answered." / Wake Up to Politics

If you don't think Republicans can minimize the Jan. 6 insurrection, just look at how officials erased the Tulsa Massacre. / The New York Times

The NOAA predicts an above-average Atlantic hurricane season—though not as active as last year. / NPR

How a second pandemic could arise from fungal infections, which can take hold due to antibiotics administered to Covid patients. / Scientific American

Inside a store that's been closed since 1963 that's still filled with unsold—and perfectly preserved—merchandise. / The Morning News

Archaeologists are preserving ancient mosaics by reburying them. / Hyperallergic

Archivists are racing to make a decentralized backup of the "Pirate Bay of Science," which has hosted scientific papers for free for the past decade. / VICE

After more than 26 years, Microsoft is retiring Internet Explorer. / BBC

An augmented reality tour of the first Apple Store as it appeared when it opened its doors 20 years ago this week. / 9to5Mac

See also: Google will open its first retail store this summer in Chelsea. / Ars Technica

Tokyo with all traces of human consumption removed, by Rumi Ando. / Rumi Ando

All about Fort Worth's Sept. 11-themed bar, whose owner insists it's because he wants to honor the memory of that day. / Texas Monthly

Musicians—including Cait O'Riordan, Darryl "D.M.C" McDaniels, Peter Hook, and more—describe their journeys to sobriety. / Sober 21

Bay Area software developers tend to marry other software developers, according to the US Census. / San Francisco Chronicle

On radioactive antiques—such as the brilliantly yellow or green uranium glass—and how detectable doesn't always mean dangerous. / Atlas Obscura

Pre-pandemic, 50-minute classes ruled gyms. But as people switched to workout apps, half-hour sessions have proved more popular. / The Cut

Tapeworm-infected Temnothorax ants live at least three times longer than their siblings, and don't visibly appear to age. / The Atlantic

Zoom through the 15th-century parchment illustrations of Dante's Divine Comedy. / camerAnebbi