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Friday headlines: Astra Zeneca double bongcloud

The United States plans to send millions of doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Mexico and Canada. Meanwhile, Europe resumes its use. / The Wall Street Journal, CNBC

Did the EU halt on AstraZeneca increase vaccine hesitancy? / Marginal Revolution

"It's really hard to go back on on a pause. And it does, unfortunately, speak to just general scientific literacy in the public." / STAT

At least 17 states have committed in recent days to widening the list of people who may get a vaccine. / The New York Times

As of Thursday, about 12.3% of people in the US are fully vaccinated. / CNN

In a sign of normalcy, Apple stores resume letting customers try on AirPods before buying them. / Bloomberg

Zeynep Tufekci: All pandemics eventually end, but that's not a win in and of itself. / Insight

Josh Gondelman: How Covid-19 changed the future of hugs. / The Cut

Your weekly soothe: Colorful tufts of tulle floating above California beaches. / Thomas Jackson Photography

A new book collates the work of 100 female street photographers from more than 30 countries. / Colossal

That Beeple NFT that recently sold for $69 million is full of crude racist, misogynistic images. / Artnet

"I've made peace with myself." Artists explain what they've made during the last year. Often not much. / The New York Times

Related: When all you want to do is live in a home inspired by your dog's hair. / Twitter

Redditors who profited from GameStop are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to help endangered animals. / The Guardian

Art thieves bungled their burglary of a Houston museum but nailed the escape—by disappearing down a storm drain. / Texas Monthly

The first "double bongcloud"—among the worst possible chess moves—was just played in a major tournament. / The Guardian

Unrelated: What Marcel Proust listened to while dunking that upteenth madeline. / The Morning News

Today in the Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes®, it's opening day of the Quarterfinals! / The Tournament of Books