Headlines Edition

Friday headlines: Because a square meal

Ed Yong: How Covid-19 has changed science this past year—and offered the industry an opportunity for self-correction. / The Atlantic

Scientists have been overwhelmed by media attention lately. Some advice (for anybody, really) on how to engage. / Science

Helen Branswell: Don't believe necessarily what you hear about the AstraZeneca vaccine reducing viral transmission. / STAT

It’s becoming clear that much vaccine coverage "is stuck in conventional journalistic rhythms that don’t serve the story well." / The Columbia Journalism Review

A South Carolina woman explains how she left QAnon. "She recalls once asking herself, 'Am I putting even Trump above God?'" / CNN

Michael Harriot, a descendent of enslaved people, dips into Charleston’s plantation tourism—a key part of the city’s economy. / American Way

Sarah Hepola on the ups and downs of driving a truck in urban Texas: "City living and rural roots make for an uneasy mix." / Texas Highways

Counterintuitively, last year's decline in emissions warmed the planet. / SciTechDaily

Scientists have managed to engineer spinach plants capable of sending emails. / Euronews

The only (coal-fired) carbon capture plant in the US just closed. That's not a bad thing. / Gizmodo

Related: Bring in the climate clowns. / Heated 

After a year of lockdown, photographers vie for "Travel Photographer of the Year 2020." / The Guardian

A map tracks Scotland's snowplows live, with names like "Sir Andy Flurry" and "Spready Mercury." / Trunk Road Gritter Tracker

One of Reddit's internal dashboards tracks "active shitheads" as a measure of site moderation. / CNBC

The bare-nosed wombat is the rare animal to poop cubes—and now scientists know how and why. / Science

Parenting TikTok is shocked by the revelation that some people find a popular children's couch perfectly shaped for sex. / Yahoo

Kira Garcia: “How My Queer Marriage Got Less Straight.” / The Cut

A short comic about Audrey Hepburn's favorite song, written in her tribute by a (slightly stalky) fan, Paul Desmond. / The New Yorker

We weren’t aware that actors Mandy Patinkin and Kathryn Grody have been producing great lockdown content from their country house, but we are now. / The Morning News