Headlines Edition

Friday Headlines: Birth school work death.

The US Senate has now adjourned for a month—a sign that there won't be a coronavirus relief package passed this summer. / BuzzFeed News

In a deal brokered by the White House, Israel and the United Arab Emirates agree to establish full diplomatic relations. / Associated Press

The number of Americans who filed new unemployment claims dropped under one million for the first time in 21 weeks. / The Guardian

Trump is back to birtherism, claiming the Oakland-born Kamala Harris wasn't born in the US, and is therefore ineligible to be vice president. / BBC

Denying a Republican Party request, the Supreme Court will allow Rhode Island voters to cast mail-in ballots without in-person witness verification. / The Washington Post

Trump says he opposes emergency funding for the USPS because it would be used to facilitate mail-in voting. / CNN

An anonymous postal carrier weighs in on the unlikely coincidence of the postmaster general being a Trump ally while having a “fuck our 250-year philosophy on timely deliveries during this election year” approach. / Welcome to Hell World

Penn State University is requiring students to sign a COVID-19 liability agreement prior to returning to campus this semester. / Spotlight PA

Florida's governor praises the reopening of schools, comparing it to the Navy SEAL operation that brought down Osama bin Laden. / The Hill

A teacher in Alabama: "We’re going to treat COVID the same way we treat school shootings." / McSweeney's Internet Tendency

New York City's death rate in the early months of the pandemic rivaled that of the 1918 flu epidemic. / The Washington Post

A history of tennis's quiet crowds, now completely quiet (and absent). / Atlas Obscura

Due to the pandemic, a new musical will open on Netflix before Broadway. / The Verge

The Instagram virality of activism slideshows has a lot to do with strong messages—paired with brand-oriented aesthetics. / Vox

“There’s the potential they can go extinct before we know what they are doing in the ecosystems.” Why scientists want to conserve parasites. / WIRED

Photos from an oil spill that's been growing off the coast of Mauritius since a bulk carrier ship ran aground on July 25. / The Atlantic

In a new collection, novels written by women under male pen names have been reissued under the authors' real names. / BBC

In the new Tony Hawk Pro Skater games, the "mute grab" will be renamed the "Weddle grab" in honor of Bob Weddle, the deaf skater who created the move. / Polygon

Charting the most common birthdays: Sept. 12 is the most common, and Dec. 25th is the least. / Reddit