Headlines edition

Friday headlines: Blood moon rising.

On Friday night, much of the world will see a blood moon during the 21st century’s longest lunar eclipse.

Facing pressure from China, US airlines like American, Delta, and United no longer say Taiwan.

Portugal may not be an anti-austerity story, but it shows that "positive real shocks" help to end recessions.

The U.S. needs skilled immigrants to come in and pay taxes to support the comfortable retirements of the elderly native-born. We might be seeing a situation similar to the mid-1800s, in which the needs of the U.S. economy override a brief bout of nativism. Tyler Cowen and Noah Smith debate the future of US immigration.

"Many cops argue that sanctuary actually helps fight crime." Things to know if you live in a sanctuary state.

News around the stabbing of Nia Wilson shows how the media still portrays black women as "less innocent" victims.

American whites hate being called “white people.” But a shrinking group cannot avoid being reminded it is a group.

Sharif Hamza photographs young America's gun culture.

Lucy McBath’s journey from mourning mother to activist, to Congressional candidate.

An introduction to the Democratic Socialists of America, whose membership has grown sevenfold since 2015.

Facebook shares fell 19 percent—possibly the largest single-day wipe-out of market value a company has ever suffered.

Climate models for three decades have predicted this summer’s record heat. And they predict it’ll only get hotter.

A $40 million yacht owned by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos was reportedly untied from a dock and set adrift.

The man who destroyed President Trump’s Hollywood star is being bailed out by the guy who wrecked it back in 2016.

A neuropsychologist finds that while most consumers can detect scams, they still think there's a chance of a payoff.

The next time you read a story trashing algorithmic bias, remember “the perils of human bias are likely even worse.”

Facial recognition technology made by Amazon incorrectly matched lawmakers—particularly African-American and Latino members of Congress—with people who had been charged with a crime.

California police are searching for a gang of women who stole $10,000 worth of Lululemon leggings.

Every law is violent. We try not to think about this, but we should. On the first day of law school, I tell my Contracts students never to argue for invoking the power of law except in a cause for which they are willing to kill. A great article by Stephen L. Carter on why you are in danger.

Scientists have found a dead star—official name: Gaia J1738-0826—that eats its own planets.

Entomologists critique the various ant emoji.

“YouTube voice” is just a bunch of ways of emphasizing words, "none of which are actually exclusive to YouTube."